New Party Rules is A celebration and combination of what we do best; Events, Conversations, and Collaborations. We create and produce innovative, multi-platform, interactive events and projects for public, private sectors and new emerging customer markets.Events Conference space

With over TEN years experience in the events industry, building a strong network of collaborators, New Party Rules has connected with the very best in the business.

We work hard to create unique and original events in collaboration with a team of experienced creatives and suppliers who each bring their individual passions, skills, and talents to the table.

New Party Rules are developing a series of public events which explore alternative forms of entertainment. Starting with Vegano a Vegan lifestyle event.

Private & Bespoke events Devising detailed events, parties, performances, shows, product launches, PR stunts and experiential campaigns is what we do, from event proposals to concept planning to event management. With access to a collective hive of event planners, creative thinkers, artists, directors, curators, actors, DJ’s dancers, foodies and trend watchers.

Events Lab Our origins started in the arts regeneration of non-traditional spaces and we continue to collaborate in public and private sectors rethinking how we engage people, group’s and organisations through social spaces. Through Events Lab we explore the intersection of design, digital technology, enterprise and entertainment by redesigning events, communications, conversations and collaborations to emphasise new perspectives and narratives in experiences.